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Australia's miracle man takes on another challenge

On the reckoning of all probabilities, Terry Mitropoulos should be dead, but he isn’t! He is Australia’s own miracle story.

His story perverts what we see as defying the odds, and transcends into a realm we can hardly imagine anyone could possibly go through.

He now prepares to walk from Adelaide to Melbourne to prove the depths of his recovery and raise money for mental health via the Black Dog Institute and YMCA Victoria.

The Black Dog Institute is dedicated to understanding, preventing and treating mental illness as well as about creating a world where mental illness is treated with the same level of concern, immediacy and seriousness as physical illness.

YMCA Victoria believes that health and happiness should be within everyone’s reach, regardless of difficult circumstances. Through the YMCA Open Doors initiative, they are dedicated to making a real impact to those in our communities who are experiencing hard times by offering full or subsidised access to YMCA programs and services.

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Australia's miracle man

Terry's Story

Extraordinary people do extraordinary things, Terry has endured challenges most of us couldn’t, as cliched as it sounds, the cliché is a reality. He has stared down death, risen out of a wheel chair, refused to quit.

After being diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2010, Terry underwent 13 separate brain surgeries over 2 years. He had to learn to speak, stand and walk again. Unable to conduct even basic human tasks that we all take for granted, such has holding and drinking a cup of water.

Hospitalised and in rehabilitation for nearly four years, Terry’s fight became a monumental battle. In hospital, he contracted a super bug where doctors gave him a 5% chance of surviving. He was on 72 different types of medication in various combinations.

The compounding effects of Terry’s surgeries, the super bug causing a blockage to his spinal cord, spinal surgery, a mechanical valve in his brain, all caused Terry’s body to suffer a major stroke. 

Terry was then given a drug from overseas to kill the super bug, but in turn it began to destroy his nervous system. This lead to him to lose his sight and major parts of his hearing. Terry would go on to become a paraplegic, and was told by doctors he would never walk again.

But miracles do happen, and through excessive rehabilitation and determination, Terry was able to bring his quality of life back.

He has regained his sight but endures peripheral damage and double vision and remains deaf in one ear. Terry has his life back, his independence and is no longer reliant on others to live.

The need to overcome any challenge Terry says, is to have mental resilience that enables you to endure the fight. He wants to raise awareness of the importance of how working together anything can be achieved.

Walk from Adelaide to Melbourne

Terry's recovery from his illness and mental health provided the toughest challenge any human could ever ask for. However he stands here today as living evidence that the human spirit can overcome any obstacle. Now he will prove this further by taken on what many would consider an insurmountable task as he prepares to walk from Adelaide to Melbourne.

Starting August 17th 2019, Terry will begin his walk from Adelaide to Melbourne starting from the famous Victoria Square. Terry will walk for 768km over 43 days with 8 days rest spread over the course of the walk, and will arrive in Melbourne on the 28th of September.

Download the full itinerary here

*Some locations and stops subject to change, please check here closer to the date to for final itinerary

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